Privacy for Liquid Staking Derivatives

Shade Staking features privacy-preserving liquid staking derivatives for SNIP-20s and layer-1 tokens on Secret Network. Lock-up SCRT or SHD to mint stkd-SCRT, stkd-SHD, and other future SNIP-20 staking derivatives. Put your liquid staking derivatives to work by liquidity providing, lending, and trading while also passively earning staking rewards.

Shade Staking

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Shade Staking

Stake. Accumulate. Chill.

Shade liquid staking derivatives are privacy-preserving, empowering you to secure Secret Network and other application protocols without exposing your privacy. Simply mint or purchase a liquid staking derivative (such as stkd-SCRT) and immediately start to privately accumulate staking rewards while being able to put your staking derivative to work liquidity providing, lending, trading, and more!

Features of Shade Staking Derivatives

Private staking

Secure applications and networks without losing privacy.


Transact with stkd-SCRT or stkd-SHD on privacy-preserving DEXs without leaving a traceable transaction.


Staking rewards are automatically compounded on a regular basis.

Tax Reporting

Compound staking rewards without triggering a taxable event.


Accrue staking rewards while also being capable of buying and selling your staking derivative token.

Minimize Risk

Delegations are spread out between multiple validators.

Ready to Start Staking? Here’s How.

  • Connect Your secret wallet

    Launch the Shade Protocol application and connect your Keplr wallet.

  • Lock your secret tokens

    Deposit your Secret Tokens (such as SCRT or SHD) into the staking derivative contract.

  • Receive your Staking Derivative

    Receive your staking derivative token (such as stkd-SCRT or stkd-SHD) and begin liquidity providing, lending, trading, and more.

Ready to Start Staking?

Built on the
Secret Network

Secret Network is a layer one solution built with the Cosmos SDK leveraging proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus using Tendermint's Byzantine fault-tolerant algorithms. Secret Contracts on Secret Network achieve data privacy for Shade Protocol using on-chain encrypted data with Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs).

01 Scalable

02 Private

03 Secure

04 Interoperable

Shade Staking Road Map


Deposit your SCRT into the the stkd-SCRT staking derivative contract on the Shade Protocol application to start earning auto-compounding staking rewards and begin LP providing your stkd-SCRT for approximately ~60% APR.


Staked Shade is a Secret Network SNIP-20 application specific staking derivative token - empowering SHD stakers to passively earn revenue while also liquidity providing and retaining complete privacy.


Using IBC, Shade Protocol will create privacy-preserving staking derivatives for all of the key blockchains in the greater Cosmos ecosystem, unlocking key liquidity for Secret Network.